Sunday 28 February 2016

New starts...

I didn't make new year's resolutions because I don't seem to do things in any sort of order. The past year had left me stressed and desperate for change. I sat and wrote law essays that I would have no idea about before or after I wrote it, and although I passed and received decent grades, I didn't feel any joy with anything I was doing. So at the end of January, I changed my life (to an extend). I applied for more undergraduate courses starting this September and was accepted onto the two that I hoped for, both with unconditional offers. So I left my uni, and focused on myself. I changed things in my daily life that had affected me for years, things that were constantly on my mind and led me to being unhappy. I came to terms with the future that I wanted to make for myself, being a journalist. 

Life still hits hard sometimes. There are days that I don't feel like it's changed at all since 2015. But I've changed. My mentality towards myself is a lot better. I want to work out for health reasons, as I've always been skinny. I want to blog every other day to help my writing improve and build a name for myself for something I'm not bad at. I want to have white teeth (braces make this impossible right now) and one colour hair (the light colour at the ends turn bright bronze in the sun). There are things we'd all change but I for one am very optimistic to see where the next year takes me. More 'me-time'? Shall do. More blog time? I think so. 

Enjoy the things you have right now. For example, I get the biggest feeling of relief when my sister shuts the window after I start to freeze to death in bed ('it's hot' she says as gale force winds bolt through my window and I'm wearing my parka jacket and hat//glove combo). 

So pop on the kettle, turn up your favourite pop song and be sassy, classy and badassy. Tomorrow is the start of your new life. Today, just sit back and get ready for the show. 


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