Wednesday 9 March 2016

My top foundations for the Spring

My skin doesn't take well to certain products. The thinner they are, the streakier they tend to look on me. I've always loved a heavy duty- high coverage foundation as throughout my teenage years, had quite bad acne which nothing would cover up. I started my foundation journey like any other 14 year old desperate for help with their skin would. My friend used her orange based, 3 shades too dark, foundation on me which neither suited her nor moi. I would go down a back road covered by bushes each day before school with said friend and she would bring out this big make up bag of the worse quality products and slap on the base and some dodgy clumpy mascara on me. Never a high point in my life. I still to this day love thicker foundations (to an extent). TIP: always use a powder with these however as the thicker the foundation is, the more likely it will rub off on your new white blouse or your boyfriend's black jumper...

Today I'm bringing you my top three foundations for the spring time. One of which goes against my high coverage adoration, and another is a makeup bag staple.

This is very sheer and very light coverage but somehow I quite like it.  For me it's definitly one for those going to work days when I can quickly slap it on with some mascara and you're good to go. I would suggest a matt powder though as although the product is quite thin and won't provide much coverage, it still has a very dewy look.

I loveeee this product. It glides on well, and because of that moussey formula, it doesn't leave any streaks after, at most, two layers. This allows for a no concealer look on that mildly warm day.

I will continue to mention this for as long as it remains the queen of my face. I love searching for new foundations to try out, from both low budget drugstore (£1-4) to higher end (£16+). However there has always been one that I have purchased many many times. I love this foundation's consistency and how well it takes to my skin. The shade is perfect for me as a very pale lass, something which other products tend to make me look even more like a ghost or the lightest shade isn't light enough. This matches my tone as if it were natural. Literal match perfection. The foundation stays on the skin for hours and although I always include concealer, I can barely tell where I should be concealing. Rimmel London, if you would like to send me a big box of these bottles, I would happily receive and cherish them.


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