Monday 14 March 2016

Blogging...where to start?

So you've been reading your favourite blogs for a while now. Even your top YouTubers have one and it seems as though everyone including your cat does too. The bandwagon has come around and you're ready to jump straight on it, so why wait?

Blogging has soo many amazing positives to it. For me it's a way of rambling about my makeup addiction and putting together my favourite outfits whilst refining my photography skills. Here are a few of my top tips for the novice in you to get started with your blog and become an internet sensation (forget the last bit for'll have to work for that title)!

Start with a platform

There are so many blog platforms out there to sign up for. Some free, like blogger or even tumblr, and some you'll have to pay for, like self-hosted wordpress. It truly depends on your preference as to which you choose, all with their own pros and cons and different ways of working.

Choose your audience

You can't have a blog without content. Choose what your blog will be about. Mine varies from beauty to fashion and lifestyle but you can literally write whatever you want to, this is your own blog after all. Choose something you're completely okay with talk about for the rest of your blogging life!

Choose a simple design

I've been on the blogging scene for about a year now, perfecting my html knowledge and knowing how the the size of each image I upload will affect the look of my page. But when I started out, I had absolutely no idea about anything other than a nice clear page with my posts layed out in front of me. You have to start here. Start with the blog platform you use's templates and only move on or upgrade when you know that blogging is your thang! 

Start practising photography

When you read a blog post from anyone on the web, you'll see a few sentences or paragraphs being split up by a large image relating to what they're talking about. Do this. Whether you've only got your iPhone to take the pics on (mobiles have come along way in image quality so no need to buy an expensive camera just yet!) or a £1000 worth of camera equipment, think about what you're taking the picture of, and you're halfway to photography heaven. 

Don't worry about sharing...

This last tip comes from my own personal experience. Until recently my blog would never meet the eyes of anyone that I knew personally. I could promote the heck out of it on blog networking sites and tumblr for example, but no one that I knew, knew, and only recently has that changed. I have just started to get involved on twitter, staring my posts and commenting on fellow blogger's tweets and this has helped immensely. We're all in this together guys (not sure about the new HSM 4 rumors going around btw, you can't improve on the best?) and everyones out to help one another so don't be afraid to pop your post on the tweetersphere once in awhile. People you know might not even see it anyway (you can always use the block tool if necessary!).  

I hope that gave you a quick guide to starting your own blog. Don't worry too much about your writing style or your grammar. These things come naturally and you'll soon have your own style and voice in the blogging world. Do you have any tips to share with newbies? Comment below!

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  1. I'm a new blogger myself, and this post is amazing. It is the perfect balance of information for a newbie.

    Thanks for sharing :)


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