Tuesday 5 July 2016

Reverse Engineering...why haven't we thought of that yet?!

Today's post is bringing out the lifestyle blogger in me and something a little different (but well needed!) for the blog!

Now; I'm home alone pretty much 24/7. The evenings are usually spent watching netflix or YouTube whilst answering my emails or editing videos, so watching things online is a huge part of my day. I also live in London, and last weekend saw a festival of ideas and innovations as well as Shell's Eco-Marathon at the Olympic Park, 2 minutes away from where I work!

Shell and Channel 4 have recently teamed up to release a web series, Reverse Engineers, in which three well known celebrities test different ideas about how we can all do things differently in order to save energy and overall just help save our planet (it's also quite funny!). The video below shows the celebs making a useful household item that everyone owns, out of materials found in plants and other sustainable places...

In primary school, not so much secondry, being able to do things like this in science and technology was so helpful for my learning. I love the idea of taking the most random of things that would never be thought of as useful, and turning them into something I'll use for the foreseeable future. The planet scares me a little. Thinking that one day we'll run out of things we have come to use daily isn't a great thought. But what if we don't need those things anymore, if an alternative does exactly the same with no harm to the environment or even benefits our eco system, then why should we be using this? 

I would definitly recommend the videos to anyone. From those who are eco-warriors to people like me, concerned and interested but up until now, have only helped with the recycling once or twice a week! 

K x

*This post was a partnership. The post was written by myself and all opinions are my own.*

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