Friday 5 August 2016

Technology: my wants and wishes.

I'm the tech wiz in my house. If the computer won't connect to the wifi or the printer won't turn on; the inevitable call of my name will happen. I've got a few things on my list to buy come payday or to save for and today I'm sharing them with you. 

Olympus Pen: 
A bloggers dream camera. This has been the camera-to-buy for the past year with its flip out screen and it's leather look design. It's definitly one to save for!

Go Pro Hero 4:
As much as I am a blogger, I'm also a video maker. Being a director or script writer is a far fetched dream of mine, so for now, being a little bit artistic with my YouTube channel shall have to do. I plan to save and go abroad for the first time in around 6 years so having a camera that not only works for vlogs, but perfect for those underwater shots too; is top of my list.

iPhone 6:
My mum has never been in the position to buy me the latest phone for Christmas, unlike my friends. From 2011 to mid 2015; my trusty Blackberry (well; more like 4 BBs) served me well. Last year I hopped on over to the Apple squad but the iPhone 4s is soon becoming as useless as its older siblings. The iPhone 7 has been announced and of course there will be a hype around the release, but as soon as I start my proper job in a few weeks, I'll be having a little look to upgrade one of the most important devices I ever use.

I cannot wait to move out. Buying cutlery and choosing my sofa is all well and good, but being a techy, the most exciting purchase I have yet to make is a TV. I walk around places like Currys or PC World and admire the picture quality on each screen, imagine how I'd sit and watch, or how well the latest episode of Criminal Minds will look. (This one ticks all three boxes let me assure you). The new 4K TV from Panasonic comes with Cinema Display, is 3D and I've come across some fab reviews recently so is definitly the one to want!

DJI Phantom Drone:
The ultimate camera/video maker enthusiast's toy. The quality is fantastic and it's like playing with a remote control aircraft, just a lot more expensive but definitly a big wish of mine.

Do you have any tech wishes or wants? 



  1. Your blog is so pretty! Love your picks, the Olympus Pen is so dreamy, inside and out! I have only just invested in my first ever smartphone, the iPhone SE, and it blew me away. I love Apple products as they are so easy to use for a tech newbie like me haha! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm saying up penny by penny to buy the Pen ah! x


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