Tuesday 23 August 2016

My week in nature

The 15th of August saw myself, dad, his parents and my brother and sister, take a journey to Woburn and call Center Parcs our home for 4 nights. 
After an hour journey we arrived and drove into the car park. We walked around for an hour (up and down the huge hill a number of times) and stopped in StarBucks for a bit for lunch. We then walked down to get the car and went to find the lodge. I didn't take many lodge photos but you can find my vlog from the week here

My next post will see a CP Woburn restaurant review so make sure you're following me for that!

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise:
The heart of everyone's holiday. We went to the pool every single day as a past time between activities and! The lazy river was nice to float around in, as you're provided with big inflatable rings (if there were any left!). Most of the time it was overcrowded and people would be pushing past or splashing about, so it would be better to have a limit on how many can enter! 

The wave pool was a favourite with my sister. The start is extremely shallow and perfect for small children. The waves start every 30 minutes and the pool gets inundated with people when the alarm starts. 

Next is the rapids! The best of them all I think. Depending on the temperature of the water (as the ride is outside), you go down a big open slide, gushing with water, whilst pretty much being thrown from side to side at a fast speed. You can see this on my vlog of the week! I can't tell you how many times we went on the ride! We even braved it on the Friday we left, whilst it was pouring down!

The inside slides include the Tornado, Twister and Typhoon. I never went on the Twister as I'm claustrophobic and enclosed slides (especially being by myself) aren't one for me. However I did brace the Typhoon, which was enjoyed with a two person inflatable dingy and was actually quite good! The Tornado was the star of the show, with a 4 person inflatable. The ride starts with a big enclosed slide, much like the Typhoon just larger, however after about 10 seconds, you get to a vertical drop and are then thrown side to side in a bid dome type place, before coming to a stop in the landing pool. The queue was always long (other than one evening) and there were something like 6 flights of stairs so I wouldn't do it too often! 

We usually went during the day or just before dinner, however one night we had dinner at 6pm and headed down to the pool until closing. This was the best time to go, as small children would be in bed and in general it was quieter! There was also lights inside of the Tornado which you can't really see during the day! 

I won't talk too much about these as I am doing a separate post on the places we ate at. However, we did have a meal at Starbucks (does that count?!), Dexter's Kitchen, Hucks and Strada. 

We decided to take a Katakanu out on the lake which seats 6 people. You get half an hour which is pretty much enough time you'll want as rowing for 30 minutes straight is hard work (Especially when the other side of the boat is slacking ;). 

My dad then also booked us on the Tree top challenge, which included a set of high rope course whilst being a million miles up on a tree! There were two smaller zip wires, tightropes, and other things that would make your heart jump out of your skin, and I'm not afraid of heights at all! The last part was a huge zip wire across part of the forest and the lake! At just over 30 quid each, it was a good job we enjoyed it!

Overall I had a fabulous time and was gutted to be home! Cannot wait to go back asap!

*Watch my Vlog of the week here!*

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