Monday 29 August 2016


Over the past few years I've formed a style to suit my taste, like everyone does. We all take ideas and inspiration from our friends or people we see online/tv, and disregard the ideas we don't like. However, there have been a few trends as such, that I have never really been a fan of. If you want to go and experiment with these then feel free. Some of them are big hits that I'm sure you may have even tried. However these are a no-go for myself...


Arguably one of the biggest trends of 2016, culottes have made an impact and look to stay for a while. There are some, that I genuinely think look nice. But as a whole, I cannot see myself ever getting into those short legged trousers and leaving my bedroom. My problem here isn't the item itself, but the look of the leg hanging out of it. They're not shorts. They're not even cropped trousers. They're a weird mid length that I can't get my head around. It's a no from me.


Possibly a more personal one, but I have a longish forehead, and so any type of hat is a no go. But one that I really can't stand is a cap. I'm from Dagenham. The borough voted worst to live in in the UK. A cap is a staple for gangs and youths alike. And I really just don't like them. 

Lip Overlining

Overlining your lips is an art form. To get the line correct and making sure the colour matches, is something to be learnt. However. Please do not over line so much that you have a natural duck face constantly. I've seen women with dark brown liner and natural coloured lips with the liner way above their lip line anyway! Learn the liner. Be the liner.

Leopard Print

I know many people love animal prints, I however am not one. 

Sweatshirt and matching legging/skinny jogger combo

Like I've said before I live in Dagenham. Dagenham is known for its chavs and knockoff markets. One such market, decided to produce a two piece outfit. A jumper/sweatshirt, and leggings/legging type jogging bottoms. Some of these designs include military. Some are the obvious designer rip off (eg the Chanel logo plastered across the top) and another, plain in colour with horrid huge bows going down the back of the jumper. Tragic. Truly tragic. 


See above. You're not in the army. You're not invisible. So stop.


I wasn't alive during the original flare trend, and it died out for a while. For some odd reason they're apparently making a return. Can you imagine a flared culotte. Hell on Earth.

*Are there any trends you dislike, or maybe you love some I've listed here! Let me know in the comments*


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