Monday 5 September 2016

My evening at The Waterside Inn


I don't usually do restaurant reviews, as I eat too much to be able to talk about it all, and I can never remember to capture my food before I gob it all down...

However, today I came across this sweet little (it was quite big actually) pub in Ware after a little drive around the country with my mum and decided to have some dinner. We went through the main room filled with tables and the bar, outside into the garden which was busy but with enough space for quite a few more customers to take a seat! We sat under a wooden marquee type thing with lights, a fireburner for the winter and other cute decorations.

The garden runs alongside the River Lea and is a perfect country picturesque place for lunch or an evening meal.

I ordered the Hunter's Chicken, a firm favourite of mine, and had the bacon and onions taken off (as these both make me want to gag in general). The food came quickly and wasn't too expensive. The chicken wasn't the softest I've had but tasted great nonetheless. The cheese was lovely and chips weren't too thick or thin. They also served it with warm tomatoes on the vine and I think that was the big winner for me.

I was vlogging the day so will have some video footage of the place up soon.

As for the interior, just wow. The toilets were just toilets, didn't smell and weren't dirty, just needed a tidy. However the downstairs, main seating area was lovely. Spacious with furniture that complimented each other. The room would make a lovely function suit and I'd happily hire it out!


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