Tuesday 10 January 2017

2017: The first week

The Week. A mini series as such. 4 Weekly's per month. She says. 

We'll start at new year's eve. A night of prosecco with an old friend. The countdown happened and we watched Robbie Williams' sing song for approx 10 minutes before we were completely dead to the world. New years day. She thought it would be fun to set me up on Tinder. I found it neither fun, nor life affirming. 
Speaking to the cute guy from Tinder. Did nothing worthwhile with my life. 
Date with the Tinder guy. Realised he's pretty fab. Chicken was consumed. 
Back to work. Needed to see Tay and Steph badly. Was having best friend withdrawal symptoms.
Impromptu and unsuccessful shopping trip after work with Steph. Joined by Taylor for 20 minutes. Ended up in a bar ordering dinner and 2-4-1 cocktails. Turns out I like things with rum.
First Friday of 2017. Writing this post, hungry, bloated and shattered after 3 days of work. 
First week of 2017 finished. A new university is opening up around the corner to my house. I went to their open day and am convinced that I need to go back, even if I only study part time. The only thing is; I can't get a degree in blogging...


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