Friday 6 January 2017

My top Instagram Editing Apps

Instagram. Love of my life. I have two. Not loving the stories. But hey ho.

Here are some of my proudest insta-pics edited on some of the best apps out there (budget permitting). Take a little look...

The app I use the most. VSCO allows you to not just to edit, but helps when taking a photograph too. The interface is user-friendly and although I barely use half of the options available, I love flicking through and seeing how far something can be changed.

One of the newest apps by Instagram itself. Boomerang lets you take short gif like videos for a few seconds. It's super cute for celebration posts!

Facetune allows you to edit every inch of a picture. From wrinkles and spots to teeth whitening. It also has options to add 'makeup' although I haven't personally tried this out!

I find this super easy for quick edits. They also have a website for online edits!


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