Sunday 12 March 2017

MUST HAVE brushes

I've been a makeup lover for a few years now and until age 16; brushes were never on my equipment list. There are many brands out there for your perusal, From cheap Ebay finds to Mac's own brand, there's a price and set for everyone. For some, quality and price go hand in hand, however brands such as Real Techniques aren't the most expensive on the planet (average of £10 a brush which was very much out of my price range until I started working!). Take a look at my top five brush/applicators that don't cost the earth!

Real Techniques Beauty blending sponge

My fifth or sixth sponge. These are the bane of my life come brush-wash day but I wouldn't change them for the world. A fresh, clean, damp sponge is a beautiful thing. I love how smooth this allows the base to be applied compared to a brush, and I tend to buy a new one (or the double pack) every 4 months or so.

EcoTools Flat liner brush

Originally designed for eye liner (as per the name), I find this brush is super easy to use for brow gel or powder outline and fill ins. 

Real Techniques 101 brush

When the Bold Metals collection was released, I was two things; mesmerised and astonished at the price. These aren't the cheapest of the RT family, but I don't have love this one. It was the brush I'd longed after and I wasn't disappointed when I picked it up. I adore the design, and the bristles are so tightly packed that the price is almost justified. I mainly use the brush for blending (dabbing really) in concealer under the eyes. Since the brush has three edges as such, there's three times more usage time than usual. 

Real Techniques Sculpting brush

Before I realised my love for the sponge, this was my go to for all products. The dense and short bristles is nothing like I've seen before. This makes applying foundation/concealer or any cream product easy to apply. The angled design helps with contour application perfectly too. 

Real Techniques Duo Fibre 

A limited edition brush, only available in a set. The brush is unique in that the bristles are all different lengths, therefore offering a completely different finish. Perfect for applying foundation and powder.

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