Tuesday 18 April 2017

Men's Grooming essentials

As you may be able to tell, I'm not a man. However, since I know for myself how Spring makes one want to spruce up a bit, I thought I'd bring you my list of the essentials for grooming that every man needs.
*I have asked men for their thoughts, not to worry!*

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Shaving Cream - L´Occitane
There must be hundreds of brands/types of shaving cream out there for perusal. However I've narrowed my choice down to this shaving cream from L'Occitane. L'Occitane have a whole Cade range for men's grooming, including aftershave balm, a shower gel and a shaving oil.

Cade oil comes from the juniper plant from the Mediterranean and protects skin against mother nature's elements.

The Moisturizer
This one from The Body Shop promises to hydrate those tricky dry areas. Buy one with a high SPF for extra sun protection this season too!

Because who wants sticky pits? The Body Shop has you covered, and so do most brands on the highstreet.

The Proshield razor gives a 'close clean shave everytime' with its 'Flexball technology' and I may actually buy myself one for the pins...

Aftershave balm
Like the previously mentioned L'Occitane balm, these help to reduce and effects from shaving on the sensitive skin left behind. The Nuxe Multi purpose Multi Shave balm soothes razor burn and stops any irritation.

I hope this tiny list of my picks to make grooming slightly less irritating (and better smelling!).

*This post was in collaboration with L'Occitane*


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