Thursday 20 April 2017

Spotty skin SOS

After months of stress, chocolate eating and lack of water my skin has finally cracked (not literally just spot wise). I sat on the floor looking in the mirror and, although I've always had spot prone skin, had had enough of what I saw. So today I hand you my guide to a quick spot SOS system thingy. 

Face mask

Drink water. 
Whilst sitting there I realised how much water I don't drink. I can't stand the taste of tap water and I'm not strong enough to lug home 12 bottles of water from the supermarket a few times a week. Therefore I have a problem. However I spied (or eye spied, get it?) the unopened bottle I'd brought upstairs that morning and decided to down it in one go. By one go I mean several gulps and a sick feeling afterwards. But I needed it.

Clean your sheets.
Hair grease, makeup and dirt in general can all linger on those lovely soft pillow cases of yours without you even noticing. And every night your face touches it as you roll around for 6 hours. I'm a side sleeper which I feel contributes to why the sides of my jaw line and cheeks usually get the worst breakouts.

Cleanse the skin.
A simple start but one I sometimes miss. Usually if I don't wear makeup to bed I'll only use a facewash of an evening. This doesn't help me much as a cleanser does just that, it cleanses rather than just washes. I use the Superdrug own Hot Cloth cleanser as my Liz Earle one is very much on it's death bed and I'm not sure when I'll be able to pick one up any time soon. I took it off with a Liz Earle cloth and left it to dry naturally for a few minutes.

Mask it.
I decided to use this Tea-Tree peel off mask from 7th Heaven (the £1 ones) which is made especially for problem skin like my own. After 20 minutes I peeled the dry mask off which was surprisingly easy and painless and just dabbed the rest off with a cloth. The mask is a gel formula which melts with water so the leftovers were easy to get rid of!

I used Sebamed a while ago and I'm not sure why I stopped. The range is made for spot prone skin and for me it helps to dry it out and reduce the amount of oil produced throughout the day. I used the toner from the range on a cotton pad and wiped it across the skin lightly as not to pack the pores too much.

And finally...
I took the Benefit Triple performing facial emulsion cream, dabbed a bit on my palm and spread this across my face in a circular motion for a mini facial. I love how soft but firm my skin feels after using it and this lasts until the morning too.

I'm not sure how quickly my skin will react to this extra dose of pampering but I'm going to be repeating the first and last few steps everyday (everything but the mask and cleaning of sheets...just turn them over every few days instead!) to insure the oil is controlled and my skin is as hydrated as possible.

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