Sunday 30 April 2017

Sunday Sessions

Sunday sessions #1

It’s Sunday. Holiday week has ended, I'm shattered and today I think I’ll just stay in bed. I read, watch, listen to and eat a lot of things during the week and I feel that a Sunday morning is the perfect time to round these up.


Ed Sheran’s new album has shook the charts for months now and I for one still love it. Songs such as Barcelona, Galway Girl and Shape of You are my favourites and are the three I go to each morning whilst getting ready for work. 

I mean it’s not a lie to say I adore tea, so I’ll start off this weekly series talking about my most favourite drink. Milky with no sugar. What more could I ask for.


TMI? Not sure. But the app I’ve been loving for a while now is Eve. It’s a period tracker app that tells you not just when you’re due on, but what you’re most likely to experience based on your past symptoms. Theres also a community part where, if you wanted to, could ask other users for advice or just pop on for a chat.


This week I took a trip to somewhere with 0 phone bars and even worse wifi (aka there wasn’t any). That meant that along with walks that I really didn’t want to go on, and a lot of ball based games, I read a lot. I read and reread the latest edition of Blogosphere Magazine. This is a mag written by bloggers, for bloggers. I have a subscription service to it and love reading about the successes of other bloggers that I’ve grown to love! 

I also took a few ideas out of the 365 Blog Topic Ideas book by Dana Fox. I’ve spoken about this before so won’t bang on too much, but safe to say love this for when I’m truly stuck on ideas and would recommend it to anyone!

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