Thursday 18 May 2017

A pamper night with Blogosphere

I've read Blogosphere magazine for a while now. By a while I mean the second I found out they existed I subscribed for the year and have read each magazine God knows how many times. A big part of my love for the magazine comes from being able to find out about other bloggers, big or small, and following those who fit your favourite niche.

On Thursday the 4th of May, a group of bloggers, readers and those featured in the mag made our way to the W Hotel in Leicester Square, past the celebs having pre-Alien movie premiere drinks into room 913 on the first floor...

The room itself is a sort of circle shape, with a bar in the middle and more disco balls on the ceiling than you could ever need.
We walked in and were greeted by a few of the Blogosphere girls, given Bubbleology drink to try (which may I add was a-ma-zing) and then handed a Bubbleology Black card- free Bubbleology for the year!

Walking around the room, on the left was the lovely ladies from Book your Lifestyle with Beauty and Melody. They showcased their 'fatty cell attacking' machine, which is most definitly not the name but I cannot remember it for the life of me.  It somehow helps reduce the cells in the body you don't need being there. It looked fab though.

Next in line was Dr Lipp with their lip balm that can be used pretty much anywhere! We received a full sized version in our goodie bags and I picked up a few samples and a cute badge too!

One of the most exciting parts was getting pampered by Schwarzkopf. They were showcasing their new triple colour hair dyes that aren't out until June! These looked amazing but since I have really dark hair, this wasn't for me. The lovely lady (who's name I sadly never got!) asked if I wanted anything done and the words 'anything for the flatness' came out of my mouth. She sat me down, popped on the hairdressing apron thing, and started adding volume to my roots with their new moose. She then blowdried it, and I have I have no idea what else, but gosh did my hair feel renewed and full of life after. I even took a few public selfies whilst my friend Marceille got her hair done too!

Whilst waiting for her to finish, I spied one of my biggest blogger crushes, Jordan Brown near the bar and Alice, the editor of the magazine was sitting next to me in the hairdressing chair the whole time. I think the side of my face ended up on their Instagram stories. I was slightly starstuck at them both to say the least!

Thank you to all of the brands for the fab gifts and demos, and I can't wait for the next Blogosphere event too!


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