Sunday 21 May 2017

6 things Bloggers wont tell you

Ask me about my blog, not the free stuff
I write. I love writing. And when I'm asked about the 'free' stuff, which btw is not 'free' half the time anyway, the feeling of all the hard work I've put into my posts, the edits, and just working my backside off to get my stuff noticed, is completely glazed over. Stappp it.

I won't go right, for a long time
If you'd have seen my first, second or even third template, you'd have laughed. And my writing at the start was so poor that I piled on photo upon photo and hoped for the best. 

Photography is hard
I studied A level photography for two years, worked with two cameras, and studied God knows how many artists. Yet I still cannot photograph a lipstick without some heavy breathing and mentally screaming. 

Social media is a daily thing
Everywhere I go, any park or any cafe is an Instagram potential. It's constantly thinking of compositions, bossily telling whoever you're with not to 'eat that yet' and editing them on a million apps. And who actually remembers to schedule tweets? Teach me. 

No one is in competition with anyone else
There's people I look up to. These aren't necessarily idols as such. They're not huge Youtuber's who's fashion sense I adore or a full time blogger on a vacation every week. They've made it in the blogging world and to me they're just goals to reach. The (ladies in my case) that I admire, are those who aren't a million miles in front of where I am. They've got, say, 10k on the twittergram, they're interactive with everyone, and they're just relatable. Love you all x

It's an all day thing
I work full time. 8am to 3.30/4.15pm. And the second I'm home I'll be on my Macbook, editing photographs, finishing posts, twitter chats, Insta editing, post sharing and overall, loving every second of my blogging life. I wouldn't change this for the world.


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