Tuesday 23 May 2017

Benefit: A rundown of my favourites

Benefit were THE brand back in my day. To be able to afford my first 'high end' product was a dream and when I bought Roller Lash upon its release all those years ago, it was the start of a beautiful relationship and today I bring you a few of my favourites from the brand...


The Goof Proof brow pencil:
I loooove this. My first brow product from Benefit. The pencil is super soft and I do like how natural it comes across. However I dropped it once, and the whole inside product came out. Not only am I now super careful when using it, but I also realised how little comes in the tube. It's enough to last a few months, but I wouldn't go hard on the filling if you can't afford to replace it that regularly. 

The newest addition to my brow collection. After many many recommendations I finally gave in and pick one up. The brush is perfect for both outlines and filling, and the gel inside barely looks touched! I adore this product and may buy a lighter shade as my brows are actually two different shades. Gosh.

Gimme Brow:
I have this in two shades, 01 and 05. I use 01 as more of a gel that adds shape and a very faint outline before filling in. I love 05 for the days that I don't want a full face or heavy brows but could do without the sparseness.

The Mascara:
They're Real! Mascara was once named the UK's best selling mascara. There are reasons for that. For me, it gives my lashes the everyday volume that I needed without clumpiness or product drying in the tube.

Hoola Bronzer:
All I can say about this soft, soft powder is how perfect the shade works with pale skin. It blends really well and doesn't seem to fade too fast either. 

Got any other Benefit recommendations for me to try...?



  1. I need a new brow product so I'm tempted to pick up the brow pencil! xx



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