Sunday 28 May 2017

The journey

It's not the destination that's the best bit, it's the journey you took to get there. My destination is a full time blogger, writer or journalist and this is my journey.

It's about the first post.
The first template.
The first person you told.

It's about your family finally finding out after months or years of hiding it.
Adding the link to your Twitter page.
The first domein.

It's about your first 'blogger event'.
Your first blogger friend.
Your first reader.

It's about the first sponsored post.
Someone else sharing it on social media.
The comments.

The first 'you have a blog that's so cool'.
The genuine 'what do you write about?' 
The 'can you help me set mine up?'

The first person to ask for advice based on your niche.
The first 'can I write something on it?'.

It's about the feeling of knowing you'll be there one day and having something to look forward to.
The warm feeling you get when you think of the future.
The knowledge of you may not be there right now, but knowing you'll improve yourself by the time you get there.

It's about the journey. And I'm still traveling.



  1. this is a lovely perspective on achieving your goals, beautiful post x


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