Sunday 7 May 2017

Sunday Sessions #2

May. We're in May. I start writing these posts on a Monday and update every few days as I wouldn't be able to remember everything come Sunday. So I start this week on the first of May. It has poured down on and off all day and I've drunk so much tea this bank holiday that I'm up for the loo every half hour. Anyway here's some stuff I like...

TV Shows:
I've known of the Girlboss book for a while and when buying blogger recommended books, it was definitly on the list to purchase when I got round to it. But after a netflix binge with a pal last weekend, and with nothing much to do on Bank holiday Monday, I found myself binging on the series. I love it. It inspires me to go out and do whatever the heck I want and build myself a career. After the first few episodes I found myself reading up on the Woman whose life it tells of and I'm currently fighting the urge to watch another episode whilst writing this. At point's the main character, Sophia, irritates me with her behaviour, but then again I find myself relating to her on so many levels and I wholeheartedly can't wait for another season.

One I was never old enough as such to realise was a thing when it was. 2007 Katie at age 10 wouldn't have appreciated it either. It's another one I'm hooked on and I try to limit myself to watching it on weekends or when I know I have enough time to just sit and watch a good 4/5 episodes at once. Where have I been the last 10 years?

I rarely ever listen to chart playlists on Spotify unless I've heard a song previously and can't get enough of it. However this week I added a few songs to my personal playlist and it's the first thing I play in the morning!

There's nothing holdin' me back -Shawn Mendes
It ain't me -Kygo
Despacito Remix -Luis Fonsi/Justin Bieber

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Albertine from Dippy Writes at the Blogosphere Pamper Event on Thursday evening and have since fallen in love with her instagram too! I've also been on a bit of a stalking session on with Maria's photography is something to behold!

What have you been up to this week? x


  1. Oh I just adored Gossip Girl back in the day, one of my faves! x

    1. I'm just finishing season one and I can't get enough! x


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