Tuesday 9 May 2017

Mules: no thank you!

The first pair of Mules my eyes did see was a picture of designer black slip ons with the sides slightly folded and it became a meme about what you chuck on when taking the bins out. It was funny at the time, I swear. Never would I have guess that soon after, Mules, of various styles and heel heights would actually become a thing. 

You either love them or hate them. I am the latter. There isn't anything I can pin point exactly as to why I've never been on the wagon, I just can't stand them. I'm not a flip flop person so backless and strapless designs aren't my thing anyway. And with backless annnnd pointed toes, I feel they don't flatter the ankle in any form. 

There are some people I follow online that incorporate them into their style that's similar to mine, but there's always something I find off. 

I am, however a lover of slightly pointy shoes. I know there are banded/open toes versions but that's going a bit far for me. I appreciate the designs on some and the Prada ones with the bows are gorgeous. Primark also have an £8 dupe which would be fab if I fancied them at any point.

For me however, I'll stick to a pair of vans or court heels for a day out!

If you do looove the trend that, whether I like it or not, has swept the fashion nation, I've got a few below of different styles for your perusal...


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