Wednesday 10 May 2017

Wagamama: The new menu

When I received an invite from Intu Lakeside to come down to my local Wagamamas and test out the not yet available menu, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to break my Wagapurity. Everyone I know either loves the place or has at least been in, me however, not so much. I sat down at a long table with Megan, my +1 Sharmin- my work pal, the Wagamama rep Asia on my side. On the other side of the table were two bloggers who I met on the night, Hannah from and Zoe from Needless to say I have real Olympus envy at the girl's cameras too! 

We sat down, ordered drinks and any starters we wanted to share with the table. I ordered the Tori Kara Age, crispy chicken pieces with a beautiful soy sauce that I've been craving ever since. We were then handed the new menu, which is released this week, and went one by one with the dishes, with Asia describing them and us having a little taste. 

 The Menu...

I'll admit, I'm painfully picky and rarely eat anything that isn't chicken, pasta, or veg related. When the first dish, the Beef Tataki, came, I was thankful for the pickled beetroot and coriander side. I'm not a beef person anyway and if I was to eat meat more, I'd have it so far cooked, we'd have to bury the ashes. The side was lovely though, hitting you at first taste but with a gorgeous gherkin juice type taste afterwards.

'Our citrus ponzu sauce is made from lime and orange juice and spice from fresh chillies'

Next was the curry. I tried the chicken instead of the tofu and I'm not usually a curry person anyway. I love a good chicken tikka masala so felt quite adventurous when trying this one. The chicken pieces were gorgeous and the cream was beautiful. I find ketchup spicy, so when trying this I did end up with watery eyes, a drippy nose and gasping for a drink after every bite. But I'd totally order it again. Along with the chicken starter, this was my favourite dish. Take that from a picky, spicy hating, non adventurous woman. 

'The samla curry has influences of cambodian and thai curries with galangal and lemongrass ingredients and a sauce made of onions, shallots, coconut and tamarind'

I didn't end up trying the donburi, salad or pork belly. My mouth was burning from the curry that I couldn't really think of eating anything else.  I completely forgot the salad was there, and fish isn't really my thing either but I know the pork was a firm favourite.

Pad Thai salad
'A touch of tamarind is added to a Nuoc cham sauce instead of the usual expensive green papaya!'

Grilled bream donburi
'Fish based donburi instead of the traditional beef or chicken. Seam bream fish with chilli, coriander and kimchi'

Sticky pork belly
'Boneless cut of fatty meat, sous vide to retain the flavour with a mouthwatering amai and teriyaki sauces, honey, citrus ponzu and orange juice.' 

Once again thank you to Megan & Asia for inviting me down and go check out the new menu if you're near a restaurant soon!

Has anyone else just got really hungry all of a sudden?...



  1. I haven't been to Wagamama's in so long but the new menu looks AMAZING. I'm starved after reading this post!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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