Sunday 14 May 2017

Tea time at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel

Yesterday I finally delivered my mother her birthday present, Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the gorgeous Park Grand Hotel. We headed on down to Lancaster Gate and was welcomed by a man named Joy, who gave us hot damp towels to freshen our hands up after those awfully dirty train rides. 

We were taken into the Afternoon tea room, full of beautifully set tables and were given a glass of water and picked our tea flavours. We chose The English Breakfast tea as clearly we're very adventurous. The cake tiers full of the prettiest nibbles came out shortly after and we were definitly in for a treat!

On the bottom tier was a selection of sandwiches. The bread was coloured yellow, brown, and red. Brown: egg mayonnaise, red: cheese and cucumber & yellow: tuna mayonnaise. There were also mini brioche buns with the most gorgeous chicken and pepper spread inside.

The middle tier held the chocolate scones. I'm not usually a lover of scones since I dislike raisins and some scones seem to be very drying and hard to swallow. However give me 10 of these anyday. The chocolate chips (no raisins!) were beautiful and the scone itself was perfectly crumbly and not at all dry. The jam and clotted cream were served in the cutest little pots and we were given double of what was needed!

The top tier. Gosh. This was the tier that we had to take away because by this point, my food baby was growing strong in my belly. However the assortment of macaroons, eclairs, tarts, carrot cake and pots of moose were a pretty amazing site. We couldn't really take the moose home so I 'suffered' through the loss of appetite and ate it. Hard life aye. The moose was soft and sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet. It was topped with blueberries, a blackberry and a strawberry which were a lovely accompaniment. 

The chocolate afternoon tea comes with a bottle of prosecco for good measure. As my mother doesn't drink (and I'd rather not embarrass myself in this posh place) we opted to leave the alcohol and one of the lovely waitresses offered to make us one of their signature drinks instead, grenadine topped with orange juice. This was much needed and refreshing after multiple cups of tea! Just before we left we also tried out their hot chocolate, which, if you have a serious sweet tooth, you would adore!

The service was undoubtedly fabulous. From the very beginning the staff were all very tentative, from the hand towels upon arrival to laying napkins on our laps and offering to take photographs of us enjoying the meal. 

Lastly I'd just like to mention the bathroom. Holy cow. It was beautiful. The smell was fresh. The sink area was clean. And the mirror was amazing. Interior design goals were had too.

This was definitely one of the best Afternoon tea experiences I've had and would go back tomorrow for sure!


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