Wednesday 19 July 2017

A day with the L'oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream

For work I have two looks. Either full on primer, bases, brows, the works. Or literally a swipe of the eye wigs and I'm good to go. I decided to go inbetween, and try the L'oreal Lucent Magique BB cream. I haven't heard of this before picking it up and some BB creams are tinted which means even the lightest shades are ogangy. This, thankfully, is not. 

I popped a layer of the cream on, over the top of my The Ordinary moisturiser that hasn't left my side since I picked it up. The BB seemed to sit on top rather than blending in. By this point there was a very light sheer coverage, but something to easily work with that was natural looking.

Over the course of the day the 'clear' BB cream seemingly god darker. I think if I'd had used more than I did, or had a few layers, I'd have looked like a tangerine. Luckily, with only a thin amount, the colour wasn't too bad, looking more like a very sheer foundation rather than a BB.

I'm not too sure on how I feel about the cream at the moment. On first thoughts, I loved it, but I'd definitly need to be careful with how much is applied, as if I wanted a darker complexion, I'd have done a full face in the first place. A bit more testing shall be done...


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