Sunday 23 July 2017

A guide to summer for the winter babies

October-November-December. The best three months of the year. It's chilly, then freezing. We spend 50 odd quid on a big coat that'll last a few years and I'm completely and utterly content. Slight issue, it's summer at this present moment. The opposite end of the seasons and each year us winter children suffer through until the breezy air returns once again. I relish the rain. 

Photo by Anna -

The jacket.
I adore this pink faux leather jacket from New Look. It's definitly something I'm not using much at the moment but I'll always have it on my shoulders just incase the wind I pray for starts-a-blowing. 

As well as being a November, Christmas loving, cold blooded lass, I'm also see through pale and cannot tan for the life of me. I'll burn, peel and go back to pale. There's no brown in sight. Cream it to stop the burn. And then fake tan (or in my case learn to fake it...).

I don't mean break out your woolleys but I adore this jumper top from good old Primark. It's got the summer trendy flared sleeves, off the shoulder and isn't over the top thick. Perfect for when you're out and it's drizzling and need a middle ground.

Do something fun.
They say time goes faster when you're having fun. So to make summer pass by and the winter hurry up a tad, try doing something enjoyable. Obviously there is nothing more enjoyable than carving a pumpkin or decorating a christmas tree but we can try. 

And lastly... just grit your teeth girl winters coming soon!

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