Wednesday 26 July 2017

Trying... E.L.F

Growing up, I'd seen E.L.F products around on various occasions. I think I remember them being super cheap, and not the best quality. When I started getting into makeup myself, the brand seemed to disappear, with no one testing them out or hearing about any new launches. I know now that the products were once hard to grab hold of in the UK but E.L.F have now got their own stand in Superdrug stores and once I saw this, I couldn't wait to grab a few things. 

HD lifting concealer
I'll start off by saying that the packaging is super deceiving. When you pick it up, it looks like half of the tube is hidden within the packaging. However when pulling it out, the end is only say a mm from the opening, and the tube overall is quite small. When trying the product I was made aware through other reviews that the 'light' shade is quite dark and no where near light. They were right. I won't be able to use the product for under eye or blemishes because it's simply too dark. Possibly okay if I get a tan this summer but lets be real, is that ever going to happen? For those of you olive skinned ladies (and gents) that this matches to; the consistency is lovely and it doesn't seem to crease easily. I think maybe with the right white powder I could salvage this as it's a nice little product, just a shame about the shade range. 

Lip crayon in shade Tea Rose
This gorgeous pinky/light purple shade is a perfect every day colour. I love the smooth, not sticky, layer it leaves on the lips and the crayon type product makes it easy to apply.  I definitely need to try some of the other shades available. 



  1. I think I'm definitely going to have a look at E.L.F when I'm next in Superdrug! xxx

    1. Yesss I need to try the other products now! xxx


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