Tuesday 15 August 2017

A step into Autumn...

As I'm writing this, the sun has ran away and it's been pouring down all day and I'M LOVING IT. *Cue christmas songs*
Before the rain finally came, I went on a little Autumnal-feeling picnic with my family. 

Picnic blankets and coffee cups

Autumn means cosy, and nothing is cosier than leggings. I get all of mine from M&S as I love how stretchy they are without going seethrough. I've paired this with this white tie cropped shirt with the cutest cat embroidered on it! The shirt was kindly sent over by the people at Shein.co.uk.

I popped on my (very dirty) white canvas Converse Pros
My jacket is one of those denim, fur lined God sends that I was wishing for for a few years before I saw this one from New Look last winter. It's identical to the one's Topshop bring out every year but a little cheaper (I'll leave a few below!)



  1. I love this jacket. I'm still hanging on to summer at the moment though. My Autumn starts in October. I've still got some holidays to come first.


    1. I love it! I thought summer was over but I'm on hols (still UK) but the sun has seemingly returned!


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