Friday 18 August 2017

Oh! K Cucumber sheet mask- does it work?

As we all know; a few weeks back I went to the #maskevent for Oh! K. They spoke about tonnes of different masks for the face, hands and even feet, and I was gifted a few to try at home. The first one I gave a go was their cucumber sheet mask. Personally I find sheet masks easier to use, as there's no scrubbing or peeling off afterwards, but I never feel that the serum inside works as well on my skin as a liquid mask does. 

The mask itself is dripping with serum when you take it out of the packet. It's easy to fit on the face and I felt as though I'd covered all the problem areas with it. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes and take it off to reveal your skin. Massage the serum that's left in, and leave it to air dry.

For some odd reason I feel the sheet has slight peeling effects. The right side of my cheek and jaw have a lot of dead skin lying around. For a good few hours after, my face was very sticky. I wouldn't recommend this mask as a pre-makeup product or something to use before going out in general but a nice one to use just before you sleep or when you've just woke up. My skin does feel cool though, and definitely hydrated so I would recommend this to anyone with dry or sore skin!

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