Sunday 20 August 2017

School trends from my day

Back in the day, before I captured my style as such, young Katie was a trend follower. From year 7, her fashion conscious best friend led her into the depths of magazines and Primark's finest to grab the latest pieces everybody was loving.

The animal print Primark bucket bag
In 2008 Primark released a bag that hit the ground running. A subtle animal print material covered in a layer of sequins with a faux black leather strap and base. I recently saw someone with this bag and had all the year 7 memories flood back. One of the best birthday presents I ever got though. 

The army jacket
One of the notorious jacket trends there was. After Cheryl (Cole at the time)'s fight for this love video came out, everywhere stocked military type jackets. I bought one online if I remember correctly and it cost my mamma quite a bit. I'd never been caught dead in one now. Unless it was pink. Possibly. 

The baseball jacket
Another jacket trend. My red and white TopShop one was the love of my life for a while. I remember walking into school and everyone and their dog was wearing them. They became so big that local markets (such as Romford or Dagenham) sold cheap knockoffs for a tenner. The difference is that with these, they had a hood, an addition I needed one winter day after shopping and to this day it's the only thing I've ever bought from a place like that. I never wore it out of the house again. No dupes for 13 year old me. 

When the girls a few years above me started wearing McKenzie to school, I quickly rushed my mum into the nearest JD and picked out a black and pink backpack (which didn't fit any of my books in but I made it work) and a black and pink jacket with a detachable grey body warmer on the inside. I adored this jacket and if I still had it, would most definitely wear it today.

Does this count? A primary school hit, the wheeled shoes of dreams. Not to brag or anything but I managed to pick up a pair way before anyone in the UK had even heard of the brand, let alone be sold here. A family member went over to the US a few months before the release in the UK and bought me a pair of the white ones with the one wheel. I was pretty cool I won't lie. That Christmas, the newest toy-come-shoe had just came out and I remember riding up and down my friend's road as she now had a pair. Where I was already a professional obviously, she got a little cocky on the first day and I think she broke her arm or something falling over. Anyway not too long after that, the markets had their way and a cheap version was being sold. These had a clear difference of being able to press a button on the side and the wheel pushed into the heel of the shoe. I was at my church youth club one Thursday evening and we were playing a game where we had to run over something and I struggled because clearly I had wheels on my feet and someone said 'can't you just put them in the shoe' and I went off on one about how I wouldn't buy fakes and I believe the sassy fashionista that we know today was born at age 10. 


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