Wednesday 30 August 2017

Transitional wardrobe: The colours I can't stop wearing

At this point in the year, people are either on holiday in palm leaf print swimsuits, looking for umbrellas for the uncertain weather, or buying jumpers for the autumn. For me, my wollys are ready and waiting for a slight chill. Today's post features one of my favourite transitional outfits for the summer, and the winter days that are due to cross. 

I bought this cropped mustard shirt from Topshop just under a year ago. The length sits perfectly on top of any jeans or skirts and I feel this colour only really comes out in autumn, and I love it. 
These button up denim skirts are everywhere at the moment and are perfect for a summers day, but also to pop over a pair of tights with some ankle boots for a day in the city. 


1 comment

  1. Love this outfit!! I'm normally not one for yellow, but that must art colour is starting to grow on me!! Lovely pictures as well X

    Love Somachi xx


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