Sunday 27 August 2017

Avocado crazy at Farm Girl Cafe

Until the 22nd of August 2017, I, an established blogger, had never tried avocado. After a 9am press event with @mariajblogs, we headed on down to Notting Hill and seated up at Farm Girl Cafe. Then the bloggers in us appeared.

We brought out our Olympus Pen E-PL8s and changed from the 45mm to the pancake 14-42mm lens. We chose avocado on toast and drinks that would be instagrammable as hell. Maria chose the Rose Latte whilst I opted for a hot chocolate, with apparently some interesting art on top. It's a mushroom obviously. 

The drink was amazing, as are most £4 mugs of liquid in this city. The avocado was... underwhelming in the sense that I wasn't expecting to like it, as I'm a picky eater. However being a lover of marmite I thought my pallet was up the wall anyway so I could be a fan. The toast it came on was crispy (but tasty!),and I believe that's the type of bread that it was anyway. I can't explain the taste of the spread on top. I didn't hate it, and I ate as much as I could, but for now it was 'ok'. A bit tasteless. But ok. Shall update on my avocado adventures as I go. 

The place itself is lovely, and the decor is blogger heaven. Sit outside for the best lighting and the chance for one of those pink tables. 


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