Sunday 17 September 2017

Frosted pinks

I love pink. There was a time in my life that I didn't love pink. Not sure who I was at that stage, but I'm glad she's gone. 

Throughout the summer months, I would wear a lot of dainty skirts and shorts. Although I did have some pink summer items, I felt that my style was missing the pale colour a lot of the time. I wear white everyday, and for me, there's nothing that compliments it more with my pasty skin than Barbie's favourite colour.  

I bought this New Look jacket a few months ago. In June, the weather was hit and miss so I was able to wear this frequently to work when the mornings were a little chillier and always carried it with me in a bag as I get cold really fast. Now the autumn is here, this baby will be staying out for the long run.

 I love this jacket, as if you've ever met me, are quite aware. It's lightweight, with the perfect arm length for this 5'4 girl. The millennial pink shade is my life right now and I've paired it with this pink bag from Matalan. I feel like larger bags are better for the new season as they're perfect to pop in your scarf and maybe a jumper in case the freeze starts early. 

 The rest of the outfit consists of a white blouse from New Look and these old pair of jeans from Primark that I hate the fit of but need until I replace them.

What is your go-to autumn colour?


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  1. This look is stunning!! I love the light shades of pink, so fresh in autumn!!
    a life of a charlotte


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