Sunday 24 September 2017

The first jumper of the season

It's autumn. Officially. I've been searching woolly jumpers and heeled boots for months and you have no idea how happy I am that it's time to pull them out of the wardrobe! My go-to outfit has been a simple one, yet I love each piece as much as the next.

The jumper: This oversized, softest thing ever, sheds like the fluffiest dog you'll ever meet and my jeans were covered. But I can't stop wearing it. Primark did good with this one. My high waisted black skinny jeans are also from Primarny and I have like five pairs because the sizing on each one is slightly different for some reason. 

The bag: This is an obvious Dupe for a certain designer handbag of which's name we shall not mention. The material is a weird floppy plastic, with gold hardware and a black strap at the top of the chain to adjust. I take this to work and events every week and I adore it! Buy it here from Shein.

The boots: A H&M bargain! I found these in the sale over the summer for around £7! They're comfortable for only so long, but I love how they look and they're perfect for this season.

*The bag was gifted from Shein. All opinions are my own.*

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