Wednesday 11 October 2017

Testing: Kiko Universal Fit foundation

I have never had a foundation that matches my skin better than that Universal Fit Foundation in shade 5. Never. Usually my go-tos are very pale through and through so give a sort of blanket of one colour paleness. This however is very slightly yellow undertone so is pale, but matches the skin rather than being tanned. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I bought this in the recent Kiko sale for just over £4 on the recommendation of a friend. On first use, I applied it with my fingers and realised quickly that it seems to blend in without too much trying. The product is slightly drying, however once paired with a good moisturizer and primer, this worry is no more. In terms of rubbing, the product dries very quickly so when scraping it against a t-shirt for example, only a small amount would transfer, and even less with setting powder.

In terms of all day wear, topped with a powder, I'm quite impressed with how it lasted! I'm a face toucher and even through my forgetting-I-have-makeup-on rubs, it seemed to stay put. It's not the most expensive, high quality product, but at it's price tag, it's pretty fab I must say! Definitely one I'll be reaching for in the foreseeable future. 


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