Friday 13 October 2017

The stylPro: Is it really worth the hassle?

I've always been very jealous of those who owned a StylPro. Being able to wash and dry brushes in a minute seemed like a dream, until I headed to the Olympia Beauty convention recently and the StylPro team gifted me one to try.

How to use:

To test, I used my Real Techniques duo-fibre contour brush that has been used with many-a bronzer recently to try and give my pale self a little (faux) sunkissed look.


Step 1:
Fill the bowl with water and add a drop of the brush cleanser.

Step 2: Attach the correct size attachment to your brush (there's a packet of loads of sizes!)

Step 3:
Attach the small stick thing (other technical wording is available)to the plastic end and pop this into the StylPro device.

Step 4:
Place it into the bowl so that the tip ends of the brush are just above the water, turn it on and slowly move it up and down. This will mix the cleanser with the water and clean the bristles. 

Step 5:
Once this is done for about 15 seconds or so max, lift it up so that it is inside of the bowl but not touching the water, and allow the brush to spin. This will dry it within seconds, tossing the water to the inside of the bowl.


As you can see, the brush is completely clean, and actually feels like a new brush. The water and new drop of cleanser may have to be done every two or three brushes I'd say as the water gets quite mucky quite quickly. All in all, the product is pretty darn impressive and knowing that I won't have to wake up to still wet brushes every week is a lovely thought!

*This post contains a gifted product. I was not gifted in exchange for a review or sponsored to do so. All opinions are my own.*


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