Saturday 25 November 2017

21 things I did in my 21st year

Today I'm 21. The age of adulthood. Hitting 18 and becoming a legal adult in the Isles of Britain did nothing for me. I didn't have my first 'night out' until I hit 20 and drinking itself was never something I did. The past year however made me more of an adult than a number ever would. Here's what I did on my 21st year.

1. That night out I mentioned. Claustrophobic bar/club fears were eased and I had a lovely night.
2. Had a pal round for Christmas dinner 2016. 
3. Took my first trip abroad without my family. Amsterdam will always stay with me.
4. Changed friendship groups. I say I changed. I was more pushed out. The best thing that could have happened. 
5. Got myself a new bestie. She knows who she is x
6. Bought my dream car- my little pink Fiat 500.
7. Dealt with mum's breast cancer diagnosis really well.
8. Made my first Instagram AD
9. Became self employed
10. Planned a party by myself. I'm adulting now.
11. Didn't do half the party prep I told myself I would. 
12. Had a company sponsor said party.
13. Upped my instagram game. She says.
14. Worked with a company I've loved for a long time.
15. Dealt with something that made my anxiety the worst it ever was.
16. Gone to more events than I could dream of.
17. Made the BESTEST blogging girl friends and I couldn't live without them.
18. Told my family about my blog.
19. Went to a beach bonfire.
20. Went to the best blog event of my life.
21. Turned 21. Obviously.

Here's to next year. Pray it's easier.

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