Thursday 8 February 2018

Confidence within Fashion

Trends, style and fashion itself is such a personal thing, that having the exact same style as someone else is very rare. For example, as much as in the summer, I adore bloggers such as Freddy Cousin Brown's pink and white style, in the winter I tend to opt for black jeans and denim jackets. You may see someone in the street, with bright yellow trousers and you'll either hate them or love them, but to be quite honest your opinion doesn't really matter. 

I think I became happier when I became more fashion confident. My first taste of this was in sixth form when I styled a white shirt with blue and white pinstripe trousers (*cough* skinny jeans) and had the overwhelming 'what are you wearing' from everyone, other than one random boy in the year above who came over at the end of the day to tell me he loved them, smiled and walked off. But the views of everyone else stayed with me and I must have thrown them away as they've never been seen since. I can't imagine this happening today. I'm only a few years since that day, but when I ask for opinions, it's not to gage if that person likes the outfit, or to change my already made up mind, but for reassurance. However, when the inevitable happens and my mother tells me that she hates every bit of my outfit, I really couldn't care less. I have friends who love what I wear, and friends who have a completely different taste in clothes. So I wear what I wear anyway.

I bought those frill hem River Island trousers last year after seeing them on an aforementioned blogger. I paid £40 to constantly hear people 'er'ing in disapproval. So I decided to add some heels to the look and wore it every week for the summer. I think when people realise that what they say won't change your mind, they'll eventually stop going on. 

I'm lucky now, I guess, that the blogging community is so vast with people who wear anything and everything and no one bats an eyelid. I can walk into work one day in black trousers and a grey jumper and blend in, and the next, in bright white boots and a frilly top and know that I'm loving what I look like, even if such-and-such doesn't. 

When you like what you wear, you like yourself more. So put on those bright colours, or monochrome ones, and look past everyone because you look fab.


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  1. Such a great post! I love your jumper x


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