Monday 5 February 2018

My guide to London Fashion Week

I've been a watcher of the LFW festivities for some time before I was invited down last season in October. I attended three shows, two as press and the third being front row. The AW18 season is upon us so if you're heading down, here are my tips to keep you tip top and ready for all the fashions.

Charge charge charge
Buy the power pack. Charge it every night. Charge your camera battery, just don't forget to put it back in the next day. Very very important if you're going to be insta storying, gramming, snapping and tweeting within the same minute, every minute.

Take flats
For the first day, I wore my block white boots. Super comfy and I lasted quite a few hours before changing to jump on the tube home. Heels are fine for the front row, but when you're standing on the press podium and the brand's videographer is squeezing past you every which way every few minutes, wobbly legs aren't needed. A few days later, I opted for my classic converse and proudly sat front row with comfortable feet. 

Don't stress about getting the shot
If you spend the entire time photographing or filming, you won't see the show. I tried to shoot every single piece, and spent more time worrying if anything was blurred than actually watching what I was asked to watch.

Plan the shows, times and transport
Luckily both of my shows on the same day were an hour and a half apart, in the same building. We finished one, headed to kfc then had a mini photoshoot before heading back in. I know people however, that had shows at the same time in different buildings, and a good 20 minutes away. Shows are rarely ever on time, so plan for the unexpected and factor in a good half hour extra at least to your arrival times. 

And finally...
Wear whatever you like
I wore an oversized shirt, denim mini skirt and 60s style boots along with a pink coat. I loved it and had I been a little more daring, I'd have walked past the papps that were snapped everyone, instead of walking around them hoping they don't get me in at all. Fashion is about expression, so wear whatever you want.

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