Saturday 3 February 2018

Beauty gifts for her this Valentines

If I had an other half, (in dreamland apparently) and the choice of a present was asked, my first thought wouldn't be chocolate or flowers, but makeup (or a cat). I've sourced out the pinkest, princessy packaging that I could find, full of the most perfect presents for the beauty lovers this Valentines day.

Budget/drug store:

MUA Whipped velvet blush- My second (broke the first) blush in this gorgeous pink shade. I'm not a huge blush girl and only need a tiny bit of this to make my pale dead skin look a little bit alive.

Nails Inc polish- As we are know, I rarely do anything to my nails as I end up anxiously picking the varnish off if I do. If I do decided to paint them, I use this pinky nude shade from Nails Inc as it dries quickly and I don't always need a second layer.

Millie Mackintosh eyeshadow pallet- I'm not sure how easy the MM beauty range is to get since the Christmas sets aren't available anymore. However the rose gold packaging of this quad is gorgeous and the shades themselves are great to layer with.

Pur Velvet matte lip colour- Never have I tried a lip colour that I instantly loved so much. I was able to line my non existent lips with this so easily too, and I just love it. LOVE it.


Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara- This high end mascara is coveted in the beauty world. It's a must try for all in the search for the perfect pairing.

Too Faced Peach Kiss lipstick- I call them the princess lipsticks.The gorgeous shades are one thing, but the detail engraved on each one is actual artwork. I must collect them all.

Too Faced Sweetheart blush- When Makeup revolution brought out the cheap dupes for these, I thought I'd won the lottery. When I received the actual Sweetheart blush as a PR gift, I could have cried. The colours are so vivid and I've also used it as an eyeshadow too.

Laura Geller Fifty Kisses lip colour- After trying the shade Love Blush, I'd kinda hooked and I now want more. Thanks Laura.


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