Thursday 1 February 2018

A Valentines gift with a twist

Valentines day. Love it (ha) or hate it, love is a sauce to be spread this Feb. When working with bakerdays I thought to myself, who do I love the most in this world. The cat can't eat cake so I sent the most important person a little present. To me, from me x The cake is a letter box cake. This means that it is delivered in the tin, with balloons, candles and a 'for you' card, THROUGH THE LETTERBOX. And it does not disappoint. 

I've recently worked with a  dating app company on a date day post, so to honor that, I ordered this 'swiping' design on the cake. I chose this fetching photo of myself eating a cake and added the caption, as bakerdays' cakes are customizable.

Taste test
Since 2003, when my brother turned 5 and had an Action Man birthday cake, I've hated icing. That little jolly bit of frosting made me sick and since then had put me off cake in general. I do however, love chocolate, and will opt for a nice choc option instead. When ordering you letterbox cake, you get an option from a range of red velvet, lemon, fruit, chocolate and even dairy or gluten free sponges.

I'm a picky eater and the cake tastes.. like a cake should. Shall be having more with cups of tea of an evening for sure.

Cakes can be ordered for next day delivery, or choose a date for delivery like I did. It's a perfect little present that I'm sure your other half (or yourself) won't be expecting this Valentines. Find it on

*This post is in collaboration with bakerdays. This post was not paid for, only a gift.*


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