Sunday 18 February 2018

The Sunday edit

I've done this what, twice before? Welcome to the new (probably not improved) Sunday edit, where a list of my favourite (and not so fave) things/places/life is thrown at you once a week. I start today mid February. It's the first few days of London Fashion Weekend and the last day of my half term holiday. The weather has NOT been a favourite this week and will stay as such until I fly to Cyprus in April to burn away under the Spring sun. 


- We shall start this week with a pair of pyjamas that I am yet to peel off of my body. This New Look set was haunting me on the gram for many a day so when I went shopping one day I sped straight to the shop and bought them. The jumper is a really thin fleece so will last for at least the new four months and many have worn it outside too. Versatile. 

- Big grey jumper. Balloon sleeves at the ready. I live in this jumper and am seriously considering going and buying another, along with the red one. Where is it from? Primark. Heaven on Earth.

-Primark have been outdoing themselves rather well recently. My next love have been the pink Vans inspired trainers that have featured in a few photos and instagrams by the time this has gone live. I never realised how much I needed them, and when I poured coffee over them on an outing with Maria a few weeks ago, I marched to Primark to see if I could find another pair. I could not, however I've since washed them and they seem to have survived the ordeal...

Hair care
I was in the shower the other week, bent down to shave my legs and felt a sudden shock of coldness. The shower had broken mid wash. A good ten years ago now we redid our bathroom and in a moment of madness, my mum decided to get rid of the bathtub and have a walk in shower cubicle in the corner. Fine as it was, breaking whilst I was in it was not part of the plan. Since then it's been hand washing and cleaning my hair with a bowl and the sink isn't exactly a luxury. I've taken to washing it twice a week and using the Lee Stafford dry shampoo on the odd days. It doesn't leave any sort of white powder behind and I simply couldn't live without it.

For the chocoholics...

Whilst shopping for lunch one day (and by lunch I mean the Morrisons 6 chicken fillet and chips for £3 box meal at the deli counter) I happened to have strolled past the sweet isle on the way to the tills. Are the two places close? Not at all. I walked past the packets of Nestle Butterfinger cups and found myself picking up a pack of the coconut ones. I have never felt love like this. My brother is allergic to nuts/coconut, my sister hates it, so these are now my go to for chocolate that I know won't be nicked. FINALLY.

The podcast

I share a love for certain bloggers with my blogging pals. This love is constantly tried to put upon my non blogging world friends, however they could not give a hoot. Upon the recommendation of Maria, I headed to iTunes to listen to Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton's podcast- Keeping it Candid. I have picked and mixed the ones I've listened to so far as my laptop will get about 10 minutes in then just stop playing it. I'm offended at the thought. I've learned so much already and I honestly listen to it more than I watch Youtube anymore. Shocker.

The app

Oh Holy lightroom. During my Photography A Level, I learnt the basics of photoshop. Lightroom is a different ball park. I rarely open photoshop but use both Lightroom CC and the original version. The CC I find easier to use presets and the basic photo editing stuff. Whereas with the original (and the phone app) I use it to add a little bit of pink to my photos that I'll pop on insta. The phone app isn't complicated, and weirdly enough I'd have liked there to be more features to play around with on the go. Nethertheless, I cannot go a day without it now. 

The bad

- The not so favourite was a Spa that I booked last weekend. As you may or may not be aware, my mother has just finished her cancer treatment and as it was nearing her birthday, I decided to book a massage and spa access for us both in one of London's 5* hotels. Arriving half hour early, we waited and waited after finally finding someone to book us in, fill out the form and paying for our robes that we were told were free when I booked. By the time we were asked to change, 35 minutes had passed. I won't go into too much detail as I'm awaiting a response from the hotel itself about the masseuse herself. For comfortability, when booking, I asked for two women. I was lenient with the date and time so that this could be possible. For lack of better words, when presented with one woman and one man, we were basically told to shut up and get on with it. When entering the massage room, the same woman nearly hit me with the door on the way in, then proceeded to scream at us that WE were late and that she didn't believe us when we explained the lack of service we'd had for (at this point) the last 45 minutes. She refused to complete the treatment and shoved water in our faces. This apparently counted as the 'refreshments' that I'd paid for. A vile woman at the least. The hot tub was broken. The pool was cold. The entire 'relaxing spa experience' was not there at all. I have since complained and depending on the reply, will happily name and shame with a full post on the day. Oh yes, there is more my friends. 

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  1. Sooo obsessed with that jumper!! SO gorgeous

    Ellie xx


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