Saturday 3 March 2018

The struggle to keep up good content

My inspiration for content comes from a variety of sources. From my blogging buddies to the veterans of the creative world. I'll see something or buy something that I wonder how I could've lived without it before. But there's a difference between content and good content. It's the good bit that's the hard bit.

I feel as though I should be documenting EVERY single thing. I HAVE to get that one shot. From vlogging my week (have I actually ever done that successfully??) to any event I've ever been to. I went to the Pandora Christmas event a few months ago, and was on edge as I'd forgotten to charge my Olympus Pen that morning. The flashing red battery sign on the screen sent my heart going, just incase I didn't capture that shot of a tree. 

Since when did creating what we love, start putting us under so much pressure?

We see hundreds of our inspirations, be it bloggers, youtubers or social media 'influencers' (awful word) traveling around the world, working with some of the best brands there are, and not only does this push us to work harder to achieve ourselves, it pushes us a little too far sometimes.

My 21st party- I was ill, and the entire day was meant to document my birthday. I managed to take a total of 3 photos at the party, and vlogged a 3 second clip of it. I came away sad, because I hadn't gotten any birthday content for any channel. I took my '21st birthday' instagram after my birthday, as it was really the only reason I had bought those balloons. Instead I decided to give my instax camera to my sister, enjoyed my night and have the polaroids to prove it. I'll love myself for it in the future, because I was really there.

I go to so many events, edit 5 or 6 photographs from the 400 I slaved over, and do absolutely nothing with the rest of them. Even then, are those photographs even good? Are they worthy of that post you've planned? No? Then what's the point? 

I'm going to try to live my best blogger life, whilst also being present in my own life too.

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