Sunday 11 March 2018

To all the women in my life

To all the women in my life. You are all successful. Mothers, aunts, sisters and friends. In my recent year of need (shall we call it) you stood by me even when you didn't realise.

To my little sister: you WILL run your own business because fresh from the womb we could see your interest in the field, and nearly 16 years later it only gets better.

To my old best friends: thank you for laughing at me when I started writing. Thank you for never checking up on me when I needed you too. Thank you for making me realise who I need in my life, and who I don't.

To my new best friend: Who'd have thought we'd be here. I love pink and you're far more holy than me. You double message me until I go insane but I wouldn't change it.

To my nanna and nanny: the three of us share a middle name, and that'll connect me to you both for eternity. One who raised me day in, day out. My marmite love came from my 3 year old after nursery days with you and you are my second mother. To my other nan, a strong woman who's independence and 'uptown class' (is that a thing?) I've inherited (I hope).

To my cousin, who I've admired dearly for as long as I can remember. Becoming close with you again has been a dream and I can't wait for adventures with you.

To my blogging best friends: YOU are the reason I continue to do this. Welcomed into the group with open arms, I can't believe I didn't know you all a year ago. You solve my every issue, make me laugh cry, and inspire me on a daily basis. I wish you all every success because you deserve the world.

To my mum: Keep going. Each year gets harder, but so do you. The best woman I know. 


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  1. Love this post! women empowerment is the best!
    xx jen


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