Sunday 25 March 2018

The lazy girl's guide to blog photo editing

I've tried many apps and softwares over the past few years. From camera based apps to the more expensive computer stuff that I will never claim to be a pro at. Back in sixth form I studied photography and although my first year was a shambles with more teachers than actual lessons, I somehow scraped through and passed come year 13. One of the only things I took away from those few years was a saying from one of the teachers of something along the lines of '8; the photo is bad, editing can't save it'. Clearly better worded tuna my renondixyion, but it has been evident over the past with my dreadful photography. My blog photos are all different. Some need a quick edit or preset and be ready to go. Some go back and forth between apps depending on what needs doing.

I use either my phone (shock horror) or my Olympus Pen E-PL8 which I adore. The photos with a blurred background are shot with the 45mm lens whereas I use the kit lens for a wider angle shot. I know a lot of people use different cameras with the same effect such as the Canon G7X, Nikon D3200 (which I also have) and the Panasonic 4K Wildlife & Sports Camera

The Lightroom revelation.


At A level, we were introduced to the world of photoshop. We photoshopped EVERYTHING but I cannot remember a thing. Lightroom is more focused on the photo, colours and lighting rather than changing the image's image. Presets are my pride and job and I love using I've already created for future photos and twerking little bits if needed. I have photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom CC. The later has a phone app that, with a subscription and log in, I love editing my insta photos on too. I can easily change the sky colour to pink obviously. 

I recently bought Josie (Fashion Mumblr)'s presets that she has made and I couldn't be more excited to start my new blog photo (and insta) theme. They're easy to install on both of the Lightrooms and give a beautiful romantic feel. 

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