Sunday 20 May 2018

Breakfast, the V&A and getting dirty

My first breakfast event started off in Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea.  We walked in to a small table lined with flowers and products. I've never heard of Mother Dirt before, but the ideas began to interest me greatly. 

"Bacteria is the new black". Mother dirt is literally that, using mother nature's dirt to flood the skin with the nutrients that out usual skin care products may not have. The analogy used was that, all mammals roll in dirt. Pigs, dogs, all of them. Rolling on the ground. Clearly you don't see humans rolling on the floor covered in dirt, but maybe we should be. The skin of dogs and pigs aren't covered in spots and issues that humans have, and maybe that's due to the way we treat our skin.

The brand have brought 4 products over from the states, a shampoo, cleanser, moisturiser and a mist spray. The spray contains live bacteria and needs to be kept in the fridge. It claims to restore the skin and make it more resilient, whilst allowing you to start reducing the amount of skin products that you pile on everyday. The shampoo isn't a wow after one use product, but one I think would be impressive after a month or so, to see if it changes the wash cycle routine and greasiness of the roots a few days after each cleanse. I've used it once to this effect and am exciting to see what it can do.

The cleanser promises to restore key components that can be lost with other skincare products. My pride and joy of Liz Earle will be hard to let go of, and I'd love to see how this affects my skin, as I'm not a huge skincare geek. Lastly, the moisturiser is very oil like and a little goes along way. I have broken out since using it, but this may be due to the fact that I used a lot on the first go, and the skin may need to adjust to the 'dirt'. We shall see.

The breakfast consisted of a few nibbles, not a breakfast of sorts, and then a tour of the V and A. The tour was meant to be of the exhibition that Mother Dirt are apart of, but unknown to ourselves and the PR, the brand booked two tours, one of the entire museum and one of the exhibition. We lasted 40 mins on the first tour before we had to head off to another event. Spending nearly four hours with a company since 9am is enough we thought, and didn't fancy walking round for a few more hours aimlessly. 

I digress... I shall be trialling the products over the coming weeks, and in theory, they sound fab. 


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