Sunday 13 May 2018

I'll be happy when..

I'll be happy when... is a thought I've had many a time. When I was 15 it was 'I'll be happy when I get braces to fix my teeth' then at 17 it was 'I'll be happy when I've passed my driving test'. Back then it was acceptable to see things and want more. Things I couldn't change because of my age/money were fine to wish and hope for, but what about now?

I'll be happy when my teeth are white. Then go and whiten them. I'll be happy when I hit 10k. Then stop hoping and just do it. 

It's more than healthy to want more. To see success and to rely on that. But when that comes and passes, then what? Are you not happy? The unfulfilled hole in our souls shall never be closed, merely objects or oppotunities pass through it, scraping the sides but never holding on. We will never be happy, so in turn, we must see what we already have, for these are the things we hoped and wished for once before. 


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