Wednesday 9 May 2018

Is dupe culture ever ok?

Designer stuff is pricey. Living life is pricey. Pricey + pricey = no money. Buying thousands of pounds worth of clothes, shoes and bags is seen by many as a waste, and I know that if I went out tomorrow and bought that Chanel backpack I've been dreaming of, my mother would rain hell down on me like nobody's business. In the UK, I'm pretty sure its a rule that companies can't copy every inch of a product. However abroad, the only rule is there are no rules. 

Blaintant copies are fine if they increase sales of the original design, as an untrained eye would never be able to tell the difference. However high street stores such as Primark and Miss Pap, push the limits of what's inspired and whats a copy. However, this doesn't mean that I disagree with dupes being sold. The Valentino Rockstud stud heels are easy to spot, but the Primark versions are so close to the design that I wouldn't feel the need to buy the real ones at all. Take bloggers for example, the everlasting Gucci trend is rife, and I was never interested in a belt before I saw the £400+ one that everyone I followed was wearing. I was surprised however that Primark didn't jump on the bandwagon quicker than they did. River Island brought out the double ring belt that sold out a few times over, so by the time other high street stores joined in, everyone had a 'dupe' already. 

The GG bag. The holiest bag there ever was. Any bag featuring that precious logo is set to enhance an outfit tenfold. Once again, not an item that can be purchased every week with your Tesco shopping. Dupes for this and other bags such as the Chloe Drew, Dionysus and the Chloe Faye are everywhere, and at around £30 mark, it's hard to say no. They give the same vibe, the same look, and a fraction of the price. Josie from Fashion Mumblr, continues to buy cheaper versions of designer items to see how much wear she will get from it, and decide afterwards if she should go ahead and buy the real thing. 

In short, I don't think that dupes will ruin the industry as many have reckoned. If you have the money, a designer piece that is timeless, will be an investment worth while. If not, dupes of both high street and high end prices, do the job well enough.

Valentino Rockstud bag: Click here
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Givenchy bag: Click here


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