Tuesday 24 July 2018

July: New in Beauty

I went out out recently (shocker) and for the first time ever, I used ALL of the new beauty items I had. It was my favourite face of mine in a while so here's a short showcase of the newest stars.

Mii Makeup

I have not stopped using this Mii setting powder from the moment it dropped through my post box one sunny morning. When my foundation is inevitably too dark, a layer of this will settle it down nicely. I'm fully aware that it's not meant for shade adjustment, but just go with it thank you. The bronzer and blusher duo have reignited my love of colour on my face too. The bronzer is perfect for an all over glow and if applied a little heavier, great for a subtle contour too. I've never been a blusher fab, but the gentle hint of pink on the cheeks is a step I haven't missed out recently either.

Makeup Revolution

Concealer: I can't give you a full blown opinion on this yet, because recently my skin has been doing fairly well and I haven't felt the need for it as much as usual. The colour range is fairly limited and I know that the lightest shade (bar the pure white) is still a tad too dark, so I'm waiting for a day in mid summer where my face may be tanned enough to use it. It worked well on tiny spots when applied with  a full coverage foundation however. I've heard good things and ok-ish things about this concealer, so we shall see.

The 4 way liner pen however is a genius idea. From nude and pink shades to different pens with vibrant colours, I love it. Thats all I have to say on the topic. Goodnight x


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