Saturday 23 June 2018

Style inspirations and imitations

The blogosphere has been hit recently with a new scandal; blatant copying. Whether this be outfits or imagery done in the EXACT same way as another blogger, instagrammer or influencer. At first look you may not realise what has been done, unless you know the original image or piece of writing yourself. Brands regularly rip off smaller companies and their designs and can have legal action taken against them. But what happens when your photo is taken and redone, never mind when this new image is an advertisement or sponsorship?

They say imitation is a form of flattery, and to an extend that is true. I love when people ask me where my clothes are from, and knowing that I've influenced someone to buying that product is a great feeling. But is blatantly taking something and putting it up as your own really being inspired? A tiny example is of a tweet that I wrote a few months ago. It was to promote my instagram and every time I do so I try to have a witty caption to go along side it. A 'pal' I had, decided to copy and paste it, adding her instagram images instead of mine and changing one or two words, but even glancing at the tweet as I scrolled, I thought it was mine at first, even a few months later. She didn't like mine, nor help promote it. She didn't message me to ask if she could use the wording, or even quote it. I made her fully aware that I'd seen it, and she eventually took it down and unfollowed me. It seems so minor, but it's irritating. Clearly I'm doing something right. 

We'll move on from copying, and into the realm of loving a style of something or someone and using them as a 'what' type deal. For me, the likes of Freddy Cousin Brown, Josie from Fashion Mumblr, and Lydia Millen who are my outfit Goddesses, and I take inspiration from the way they dress, and the way they produce their content. I use Josie's Lightroom presets, and have her notifications on to see when she uploads another beaut image. However this doesn't mean I'm off to the exact same road with the exact same outfit on to post a few days later hoping no one will notice. I grammed a photo a while ago that in my head looked slightly along the lines as one of my friends' editing would look like. I sent it to her and asked if she was ok with it going up, and would have changed it if not. I don't think anyone minds something being slightly similar if you just ASK or prewarn. But never ever ever copy. It's a sin. Probably.


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  1. i will never ever like the copying mentality that is so rife in the blogging world right now. i know people say imitation is the highest form of flattery but it's just not ok. ever!
    on a more positive note, i am forever loving your content and outfit shots!
    you are KILLING it!


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