Tuesday 19 June 2018

Are crop tops cool anymore?

I bloat horrendously after a good meal so if we could excuse the preggo looking belly that'll be lovely thank you xx

I've never been a crop top girl. My stomach isn't toned and I could be as skinny as a pole and still not want it on show. I can handle cropped shirts that sit upon the top of my extremely high waisted jeans, but if a sliver of skin were to show, I'd button my jacket up and never undo it again. Until I became extremely hot one summer day and changed into the oddest outfit I've ever worn. And... I liked it.
Digressing a tad, I looked online recently at whether other people thought crop tops were cool. I found less opinions on the clothes, and more opinions on how people should 'prep' to wear such an item. Such words as 'de-bloat' (so I just shouldn't eat all day no?) 'wax any hair' (plain rude tbh) and 'don't wear loose fabrics but don't have it stuck to your body' (so which one am I meant to do here?) made me laugh and cringe simultaneously.
To answer my title question; yes crop tops are cool. Literally cool. I haven't been as breezy and free as I was in that flowy thing and I'm waiting for this weather to heat up once more to pull it out of the wardrobe for another city adventure.


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  1. I love the colourful floral print, tie front and long sleeves of your crop-top as well as the very stylish shorts and white trainers you styled it with in your OOTD. You look fabulous.



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