Sunday 10 June 2018

Last minute mini Father's day gift guide


I find Father's day SO hard to buy for. Any ideas are done on birthdays and Christmas so on this day, gift buying is tricky. I also forget its  in June. Every year. Here's a quick list of the easiest little gifts to pick up a few days (or THE day) if you also have no idea what on earth you're doing.

Beard related items
Has he got a beard? Beard oils, brushes and creams come in all kinds of sized gift boxes and could be a joke present if the paps cannot grow one either!

Box sets and new releases of his favourite shows are a fab choice. I don't think my dad has Netflix personally, so DVDs are a great idea to get him to watch that show you've been banging on about all year. And if he doesn't watch them, you can nick it anyway. I love a bit of an Action or Si-fi watch, and 20th Century Fox have a great range of films for all years, for dads and their offsprings to watch at any age. You could even made a cinema hamper up, a few films, popcorn, cans of drink (or beer) for a fuller looking gift!
On the topic of films and DVDs, I love picking up film merch of the classics that I know he loves to watch. One being the Star Wars franchise, and his kitchen is full of R2D2 egg cups and Darth Vader mugs already.

Click here for the list of 20th Century Fox films and TV shows, including new hits such as The Greatest Showman and Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Who doesn't like a fragrance? Any supermarket, drug store and even high street clothing shops have their own fragrance lines now, so picking up your dad's fave scent has never been easier. Yardley have rebranded recently, first producing a line of brand new fragrances for the modern woman, to now a men's line. The Urbane scent is gorgeous and I half want to keep if for myself to be honest.

Products marked with an * were gifted. This post is not sponsored. 

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